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1 Toast skagen65 SEK
2 Toast with pickled salmon on¨bed of horseradish cream and pickled red onion and dill65 SEK
3 Chanterelle soup, served butter and parsley bread65 SEK
4 Pickled sirloin steak with fried capers, pickled onions and wasabi ice cream65 SEK
5 Salmon rolls filled with Västerbotten cheese, dill and marinated in lemon65 SEK
6 Bruchetta, served with basamico reduction65 SEK
7 Three kinds of toast (roast beef salted egg yolk and roasted onion, Salmon with horseradish cream pickled red onion and di65 SEK
8 Rosencanapé75 SEK

Fish dishes

1 Salted salmon with dill stewed potato butler sauce 159 SEK
2 Teryaki marinated salmon fillets with roasted sesame seeds, served with vegetable rice and lime cream160 SEK
3 Shrimp and dill au gratin plaice, served with lobster sauce and mashed potatoes179 SEK

Cold dishes

1 Chicken salad with dressing, butter and bread 99 SEK
2 Shrimp salad with dressing butter and bread 99 SEK
3 Roast beef with potato salad butter, bread and cucumber99 SEK
4 Italian pasta salad with parma ham 99 SEK

Meat dishes

1 Back beef with French hunter sauce and leek potatoes179 SEK
2 Herb-rolled pork fillet with red wine sky and oven-roasted potatoes and root vegetables169 SEK
3 Filet mignon179 SEK
4 Pork fillet Nobis (bearnaise sauce) 125 SEK
5 Vegetarian steaks on mushrooms, served with cold balsamic sauce, roasted variety on tomato and sweet potatoes159 SEK


Pannacotta65 SEK 
Swiss waffle with chocolate sauce, cream and berry compote65 SEK
Swedish chocolate cake with whipped cream65 SEK


Swedish Landgång (long open sandwich)89kr 


Herring table
2 kinds of herring, salmon pâté, egg halves with shrimp, salmon with butler sauce, roast beef with potato salad, turkey breast with mimosa salad, baguette with butter.
Jansson's temptation, omelette, prince sausage, meatballs.
Min 20 pers
175 SEK/pers 

Exotic plank

Italian pasta salad, French potato salad, parma ham, 2 kinds of sausage, tomato and mozzarella salad, large olives, 2 kinds of mold cheese, chicken tandoori, 4 kinds of fruit, garlic baguette.
Min 20 pers.

The hotel's buffet
Shrimp salad with mango, radishes, cucumber topped with a Thai vinaigrette, orange and carrot salad with hazelnuts & vinaigrette with browned butter and white wine.
Italian pasta salad, air-dried ham and green asparagus.
Roast beef rolls are served with mustard together with tarragon & roasted onions.
Baked potatoes with cheese & bacon.
Salmon rolls.

185 SEK/pers
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